Come join us for our new Beginners Organic Creations classes. We recommend this class for beginners, we can teach you the basics of using essential and carrier oils as well as other botanical ingredients and their properties, along with the dos and don'ts of basic organic skincare. Our products are completely customizable with over 60 scents to choose from.

We offer three segments in this class:

  • Body: In the body class you will make 3 organic skincare items for the body. Examples of these include: body lotions, shower gel, soaps, body spray, etc.

  • Face: In the face class you will make 3 organic face products. Examples of these include: masks, creams, face washes, exfoliators, etc.

  • Home: In the home class we will teach you how to make 3 household organic items. Examples of these include: laundry detergent, candles, hand soap, room sprays, etc.

Come join us for a fun evening of DIY, bring your family and friends for a great bonding experience.

* You get to take home all your products the very same day.

** All supplies, safety gear, and class materials are provided.

*** Please wear flat enclosed shoes

**** All hair past shoulder length must be tied up. (There will be an added charge for hair ties if you do not have your hair up).

***** Do not wear your best shirt just in case you spill something on it. An apron will be provided

Please feel free to bring your own reusable jars and bottles to help us create less waste.

Thank you.







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