The benefits of gardening

July 24, 2018

 Families who garden together, have more time to share in life experiences. Goodness knows there is plenty to be learned in the garden. Life lessons are many. I will choose to discuss just a couple today. The first one that comes to mind is patience. The patience involved in planting a seed and watching it grow, tending it, watering it, caring for it, protecting it, caring for the plant and watching it bloom and fruit, and patience to know when to pick the fruit. In this immediate world of instant gratification, a lesson as simple as patience, is utterly valuable and essential in today's world. teach a child patience in the garden and watch it relate to a real life scenario where they may have more patience learning a new skill, like tying a shoelace, or mastering a new skateboard trick. 

 Other valid lessons are communication and team work. As more inner city gardens emerge, relationships are formed and bonds created over a pile of mud and a few green leaves. At this time we can set aside our differences and share in the beauty that is nature. It is a physical and mental exercise that soothes the mind and calms the spirit. In our increasingly disconnected world we as humans must reconnect and learn that as a species we are nothing if not together. Its is time for us to tear down walls of difference and embrace our uniqueness, if we open our hearts and gardens, just imagine how much we can learn. 


Weather we choose to grow plants that produce food or plants that produce stunning flowers , the effort is the same . You must commit and be faithful in your endeavor. Plants need us to tend them but also we need them to tend us. They just may be what the doctor ordered, to heal a bad day, spark an imagination, clear a cluttered mind and inspire a generation to change. Reconnect through gardening and share our lives through nature as it was intended to be. 

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